Prosperity Encompasses More Than Simply Money.

For many of us, prosperity means financial health and wealth. And that's true, but prosperity encompasses more than simply money.


Louise Hay, on her Receiving Prosperity CD, says it so well: "When you really feel good about yourself, you're prosperous, even if you don't have a lot of money."


Merriam-Webster defines prosperity as: a thriving condition, success, and economic well-being. It defines the word abundance as: more than enough, amply sufficient, copious, plentiful, ample, and bountiful. Abundance is the best word to indicate fullness and the absence of lack in all areas of life, yet prosperity's nature is filled with abundance. The two go hand-in-hand.


Therefore, you can have prosperity (thriving conditions, success) and abundance (more than enough, plenty) in terms of time, creativity, money, health and happiness, inner peace, family relations, and personal loving relationships. You can be abundant with spiritual blessings, have a strong spiritual connection, be lighthearted, welcome career opportunities, and appreciate beauty. You can be prosperous and abundant in kindness, laughter, feeling at ease, inner direction, compassion, consideration of others and self, self-acceptance, and self-love.


You can also be abundant in negative emotions or qualities, like fear, anxiety, jealousy, worry, anger, regret, guilt, shame, sadness, contempt, criticism, perfectionism, confusion, doubt, and hopelessness. But remember that whatever you experience can be changed, by regularly planting positive thoughts into your subconscious mind. The mantras, affirmations, and meditations from MANTRAS FOR PROSPERITY will help you do this.


In life, your ego wants to always be in charge. It wants to appear as if it knows what's best for you, but of course it doesn't; it lacks the intelligence to make such recommendations. The ego doesn't want the subconscious mind to be updated with positive thoughts. It likes things the way they are because it wants to stay in charge. Sometimes the ego revolts with excessive negativity, sounding like the clanging and banging of all the obnoxious sounds you have ever heard. But this is just the ego's trick to claim attention and keep you from focusing on what's important―loving and accepting others and yourself and living a more blessed and abundant life.


Poverty, shortage, and lack indicate that inner work is needed, to allow more of what Source, the Universe, God, Jehovah, Allah, and the Creator truly want and have for us. Without even realizing it, we often block the flow of prosperity. More good can reach you, but your current beliefs won't allow it into your life. Some areas of your life may be thriving.

You may enjoy plenty of food, love, sleep, sex, creativity, and exercise—but suffer from poor financial health, insufficient or unrewarding work, inner confusion and poor mental health, doubt in your abilities, lack of creative outlets, and mistrust in the good that's available to you.

Louise Hay has taught me a lot about prosperity, and I'll refer to Louise and her insights often.


She explains that you can experience poverty in many things besides money. (Remember that poverty is defined as deficiency and lack). You can have poverty in terms of love, comfort, inner peace, happiness, health, and joy. . . Louise states that someone with poverty, in terms of time rushes about feeling they never have enough time. They have poverty with time instead of prosperity or abundance. They're like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland that's always rushing about and checking his watch, saying, "I'm late. I'm late. For a very important date!" Alice just got worn out seeing the poor rabbit's frenzy.


That poor mammal needed some relaxing touch to his fluffy fur to slow him down. Or maybe if he'd heard Louise Hay, he could have changed his time-impoverished thinking. Louise sums it up well by saying, "But if you feel that you have all the time in the world and that whatever you want to finish you'll get done, and it will all happen, then you're really prosperous in time."


Some of us have less than enough food to eat, or live in unsafe and unpleasant surroundings. It doesn't mean there's a shortage of pleasing surroundings or food in the world. Instead, Ms. Hay points out that there's more than enough food to feed all of Earth's inhabitants and more than enough pleasing accommodations in which to live.

Poverty in these areas means there's a block in the energy flow that would allow food and pleasing surroundings to reach our lives. It means that greater abundance in these areas has not been permitted. But that can be changed easily, by changing our beliefs.


Ms. Hay gives a great example in which she says that there's more than enough air in our world, plenty for everyone to breathe without having to worry we'll take someone else's breath. We have an infinite abundance of air. And after every exhale we trust that the next inhale will be there for us. In my personal life I've seen loved ones suffer with emphysema. This disease creates a poverty of oxygen, because the lungs no longer receive enough oxygen—the person with emphysema experiences the suffering and poor health of oxygen deprivation (lack, deficiency).


Ms. Hay also paints pictures of how we might receive prosperity from the universe and in what size container it might flow. Some of us are able to receive prosperity and blessings like we're hooked up to a huge pipeline; they pour in unbelievably. Some have an ocean, river, or lake that supplies more than enough.

For others, prosperity pours in like the powerful surge of a fire truck's hose. For others, prosperity might only fill a tiny thimble, teacup, a pail, or a dried-up riverbed that gets rain once a year. What size and type of container does prosperity have in your life? MANTRAS FOR PROSPERITY will help enlarge your container for prosperity―your subconscious thoughts and beliefs―so it's as vast and accommodating as possible.


Mantras, affirmations, and meditations work scientifically on many layers of consciousness and vibration, and encompass many benefits beyond the life-theme for which they're attributed. For example, the mantras in this volume strengthen financial health and well-being, but they also help manifest what