If You Believe That You’re Poor

If you believe that you're poor and that you don't ever get what you want or need, that Creator is punishing you, that Creator may not have time to take care of you . . . this hardly allows a trickle of what Creator wants to give you.

Believe that you're rich, that you deserve many blessings, and that Creator is taking care of you in every way – this allows the faucet from Creator to you to be turned on fully! And believe that you're rich even if your bank account or surroundings don't currently reflect this idea fully. Focus on the riches of peace, your unique spirit and presence, your kindness, generosity, and the love you receive from others.


Be thankful for the blessings you have: for food, your eyesight, your hearing, your body's ability to heal, your mind's adaptive strength to meet any challenge and come out on top. And even if you're living in poverty, believe and know that money is multiplying exponentially for you and that your financial health is being created now. Don't let the current state of your life overshadow the great potentials that want to transform your life.

When using a mantra that you believe will bring more good into your life, be aware that you also need a mental shift, to allow for that larger flow from Creator to you! Clear the pathways that bring Creator's blessings by saying, "Creator provides for me always and in all ways!" Affirmation and mantra set the stage for the transformational actions to occur.

Your willingness to allow Creator to bless you is of equal or greater value than the mantra itself. And your willingness to allow something greater into your life breathes new life into you. All internal shifts, like how you think about yourself, what you feel you deserve or don't deserve, and the degree of ease or struggle you allow for your life – all of these internal elements are the fruitful earth, which the Creator, your soul and the mantra, cultivate, weed, water, nourish, fertilize, and plant with new seed to realize your dream-life! Using a mantra is half the equation.


You must also be willing to allow inner changes as they come. Then your mantra practice is well-rounded and produces powerful results through your whole life.