Available Now: Mantras For Prosperity, Universal Codes For Abundant Living

MANTRAS FOR PROSPERITY: Universal Codes for Abundant Living is a collection of nine spiritual mantras, meditations, and affirmations, designed to help you to allow a more prosperous, wealthy, and blessed life.


It reveals a glimpse into an unconscious spiritual language (available to everyone) that I call our "Spiritual Language Reservoir." MANTRAS FOR PROSPERITY arrives at a critical time in history, when financial health and spiritual blessings are greatly needed.


The ideas herein will show you the basics of using mantra, meditation, and affirmation to change your life and strengthen prosperity in its various aspects.

Prosperity Encompasses More Than Simply Money.

For many of us, prosperity means financial health and wealth. And that's true, but prosperity encompasses more than simply money.


Louise Hay, on her Receiving Prosperity CD, says it so well: "When you really feel good about yourself, you're prosperous, even if you don't have a lot of money."


Merriam-Webster defines prosperity as: a thriving condition, success, and economic well-being. It defines the word abundance as: more than enough, amply sufficient, copious, plentiful, ample, and bountiful. Abundance is the best word to indicate fullness and the absence of lack in all areas of life, yet prosperity's nature is filled with abundance. The two go hand-in-hand.


Therefore, you can have prosperity (thriving conditions, success) and abundance (more than enough, plenty) in terms of time, creativity, money, health and happiness, inner peace, family relations, and personal loving relationships. You can be abundant with spiritual blessings, have a strong spiritual connection, be lighthearted, welcome career opportunities, and appreciate beauty. You can be prosperous and abundant in kindness, laughter, feeling at ease, inner direction, compassion, consideration of others and self, self-acceptance, and self-love.


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