Poor And Rich Now Become Internal Choices

Poor and rich now become internal choices, which we grow into, from the inside out and which sculpt our lives, our personal myths, and ourselves.

If I choose to think and believe I am poor, then I will be constantly strengthening the idea that I do not have enough. I will go looking for proof in my bank accounts and in my paycheck. In fact, chances are I will keep these numbers low to "prove that I am poor." I will become contracted, tight-fisted with my resources. Giving to others won't come easily and if I do, it will be minimal. The vibe I will put out will be termed lack (and it's similar to fear).

The Universe, Creator, God, the Infinite Intelligence of our mind, will affirm what I have broadcast in my thoughts, words, and actions and will help to confirm that this reality of poor, or poverty, is truly what I have chosen. Experiences and people will be drawn to me that will confirm that poor is what I am, or rather, "what I have chosen."

Your subconscious mind seeks to make your thoughts real; therefore you must choose your thoughts wisely! Every thought you have is a new way to create your reality. The abundance of free-will available to you is essential to your happy survival and thriving. God is not out there choosing for you. Creator, The Infinite Intelligence, is right here inside your mind, saying, "Yes. I will help you realize that goal!" And this Infinite Intelligence does not distinguish between one thought and another. You are free to create whatever you regularly focus upon. That's free-will. Creator, The Infinite Intelligence, is the energy and power that manifests your thoughts. Your mind is one with the mind of Creator.


You have been given the ability to create and manifest just like The Creator, except on a smaller-scale.